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What's The Price?

The Price of a Traditional website

  • Basic Setup $500

    Required for every site. This is configuring the server, time for initial consultations, etc.

  • Mobile Optimization $250

    A couple of years ago it became official: more people access websites on phones than on computers.

  • Custom Design $800

    Taking your existing business brand and conforming it to your existing branding.

  • Photo Gallery $250

    You have to showcase yourself, right? Having a photo gallery to show yourself off builds trust.

  • After-Development Tweaks $500

    Over the lifetime of your site, you'll have to continue working with your developer to grow your website with your business.

Your Estimated Cost:


The Price of a Freydom Sites STory Site

  • Basic Setup $0

    By following our story creation process, our system uses elements from your story to generate your site.

  • Mobile Optimization $0

    Each site is not only mobile optimized, but mobile SPECIALIZED!

  • Custom Design $0

    Your story site is custom tweaked based on elements of your story that you present.

  • Photo Gallery $0

    You simply pass along images that represent your story and our system takes care of the rest.

  • After-Development Tweaks $0

    We are always improving your site, and you don't pay a cent more for it! You can also reach out for support anytime.

The Cost of a Freydom Site Story Site:



It’s not what we offer that makes you successful, but what we don’t.

No Builder

By design we exclude a builder so you're not tempted to waste time perfecting your site and instead just get it going so you can go back to business.

We Don't Make Assumptions

Most platforms expect you to have an understanding of web design and, if you don't, they expect you to dig through pages of help docs to learn it.


Because we don’t offer those things, we offer the following.

Story-Driven Design Process

Instead of dealing with jargon and builders you simply tell your story, saving you time and energy.

Mobile First Design

Mobile-first design and on-screen buttons make your information available at the tap of a button.

Search Engine Optimized

Out of the box your story-site is optimized for both search engines and social media.


No liability for your users data and we help you secure your domain for free, boosting trust and credibility.

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Developing and maintaining my website was depleting my profits and time. The Freydom Sites platform is not only easy to manage but extremely economical. The website’s features allow you to provide all the information about your small business anyone really needs to know.
Machelle Duprey
Yoga Instructor
I always procrastinated getting a website because I was afraid of the cost and the maintenance that comes with a website. Devon at Freydom Sites takes care of all your needs with minimal effort on the customers end! With the Freydom Sites platform I was able to create my own website easily.
Lori Shoup
Massage Therapist
I was so nervous about building a website until I met Devon Godfrey at Freydom Sites. I was just getting started as a health and life coach and I had shopped around to the point of exhaustion and overwhelm for help, only to find companies who were talking and selling way over my head. Devon was sensitive to my lack of experience and met me where I was at. He cared about my business having a good website, but he also cared about me as a business owner and all the lives my business would touch.
Sabrina Haralson
Heatlh Coach

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What if I use it and I don't like it?

If you’re in the 2 week free trial and you don’t like it, just simply let your account lapse. If however you’ve paid and you’re unsatisfied we offer a rolling 30 day refund on all payments made.

No Builder!?! How the heck do I build my site then?!?

Get the 14 day free trial and see :).

Can I put my logo or other images up onto my site?

Yes! As part of your story telling process you’re able to provide images if you wish, including a logo.

Can I set up an online store?

Not yet, but it’s something we’re working on :). In the meantime however you can set up a store on square and link to there from your Freydom Site.

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