A Quick Tip For Better Images

  • Devon 

I just had a conversation this week with Machelle over at Good Vibes Studios and she had some serious praise for an amazing platform that she uses for her images.

That platform, is Canva.

What is Canva?

Some of you may have heard of a little program called Photoshop, it’s used by those bigwig designers is the industry standard for image creation.

Canva is the online layman’s photoshop.

They do everything in their power to make your life easier in creating images for your business. This includes a reasonably simple interface as well as providing you with templates that you can use to jumpstart your image creation process.

In short, it makes producing professional looking images for your business easy. Their free plan goes pretty far too.

If you want to get more out of your Freydom Site, good images are definitely important, so consider hopping on over there and creating an account. It’s free to start, and even if that’s not enough their paid plan is currently an affordable $12.95/month.