An Amazing Use Case for Hero Images

  • Devon 

Today I’d like to feature Machelle Duprey of Good Vibes studios in Clio. She’s a talented, passionate yoga practitioner that has a deep drive for teaching Yoga to people of our community.

Originally she was a web development and consulting client. We built a site together that was well invested into, but it was still…complex.

For Machelle the time spent managing the website would be much better spent teaching more yoga classes. So, she made the jump to Freydom Sites!

The simplicity of her new site has allowed her to double down on creating good promotion images to put on the site. This helps to bring attention to her events that she hosts.

For instance, at the time of writing this if you look at her site you will see this:

You can see to the right that she created an image that promotes her current upcoming event! This makes the site’s key information above the fold and obvious!

In fact, this little innovation has inspired a new feature :).

Machelle creates these beautiful images using a tool called Canva, which is a free online image creator with lots of very good templates to build whatever you need to build. This has proven to be a fantastic way for her to inform her audience of up and coming events.

Glad I got the opportunity to share this with you, be sure to hop on over to Machelles site and see what she’s up to.

Take care!