Development Update: November 2019

  • Devon 

Hi guys! Got an update here, we’ve completed the following for Freydom Sites:

  • Contact, open in new tab
  • Cap the profession
  • Center logo
  • Note that changes can be made later
  • Build Instructions into website editing form
  • Increase image limit
  • Pressing enter on form breaks it, Remove Multi-Step Form
  • Testimonial word limit
  • Logo too tall on alehendros site
  • Testimonials, check all testimonials in Loop
  • Change Contact Info to Top
  • Clean Up Email
  • Bug: If user starts to sign up, and then hit create site, they can create without paying
  • Loris Site: Title Text wrong
  • Fix SSL Issues
  • Clean Up code

Mostly a bunch of small, quality of life changes and bug fixes. The major changes were the SSL implementation as well as code cleanup.

We’re pushing hard to have another major update out and ready by the end of the month.

Talk to you soon!