Development Update: November 2019 : Soft Launch

  • Devon 

Hi guys! New update, got some really important features implemented:

  • Build a way to update all sites
  • Set Up mobile call/directions
  • Pick Color for Design

Update all sites is a backend thing we had to implement to allow us to easily update the design of all sites on the platform.

Mobile call and directions is something beautiful, look at your site on a mobile device now 🙂

You can now pick a color for your site! Picking this color sets the color of header texts and a few other things. You can use this to add a little bit of life to your site.

This is a soft launch, but we’re really looking forward to helping more people get affordable, easy to manage websites. To celebrate, use the coupon code “BlastOff!” to get 10% off your monthly price for a website! This coupon will only last until next week so act fast!

That about does it for today’s update, take care!