How are you ranking?

Hi guys! Just wanted to let you know that we’ve made a quick update to how your Freydom Site handles requests as well as an update for Twitter!

Everything Redirects to non-www

I’m going to pick on Machelle over at good vibes studios, before when you typed her website into the url bar, it would work with either www or non-www ( example: or

Turns out, search engines don’t like this. The reason why is that even though they are both the same site, search engines read them as two separate sites. This causes your own site to compete with itself, and you lose ranking.

Now if you type in www, it just puts you right onto the non-www variant. So people can use www if they want to :).

Twitter Cards

Now if you share your site on twitter, twitter knows how to display it!

Picking on DJ, if you were to share his site to twitter, it would look something like this:

As a side note…

You may be wondering “Hey! How do they know what to tweak and update to improve how my site ranks?”.

Or maybe you didn’t ask, either way I think this is interesting.

We’ve been using a cool little tool called woorank. You just paste in your site’s url and it hits you back with a bunch of ways to improve how your site is read and performs.

Picking on Deanna you can check out her report here.

Her site scores 60 out of 100, which doesn’t seem like much, but that’s actually really good! Especially for a site as simple as this. This score is about average for sites on Freydom Sites.

Now, if we want to score 100% on this, we need to work together a little bit. There’s a lot I can optimize on my end, but at the end of the day content is king, and it’s your content.

Here’s what you can do to help your site rank better:

  • Give yourself a decently long short description of your site ( at least 30 to 70 words )
  • Get other sites to link to your site, such as local papers and news outlets
  • Generate traffic from social media
  • Add your social media to the social media links when building your site

Of course, I need to meet you half way! Here’s what’s in the pipeline that I’m doing to help you rank better:

  • Implement an XML Sitemap
  • Implement hreflang, so search engines know that it’s an english site
  • Implement micro formatting tags
  • A super secret thing

It’s great working with you guys! I’m looking forward to the next update.

– Devon