How One Person Made Great Use of Images

  • Devon 

Hi there! Today I’d like to take a moment to feature Deanna and her business, Deanna’s Desserts and Dreams.

Deanna was referred to me by a mutual friend, and we met at a cafe to discuss her website. It was an exciting time, as she was one of the earliest adopters of Freydom Sites.

I walked her through setting up her site, and she took all the time she needed to gather content for her site. Boy was I excited to see it launched!

What I appreciate most about her website is her use of images, and how they play a role in making you want her desserts!

You can see she has really nice images for her gallery. Then for her header, she has a really nice image of her products on display, which is a great way to showcase her items.

But then she takes things a step further, if you click on her Menu link you’re presented with this:

Wow! Look at these beautiful photos she has her of products! Even better, if you open them up she has more photos of them:

I tip my hat to you Deanna! You’ve done a fantastic job with your website! If you haven’t already, pay her a visit and consider getting some cupcakes from her.

Take care!