How One Woman Overcame Her Fear of Starting A Website

  • Devon 

Hi there! Devon here, I’d like to take a moment to share with you an exceptional site that have been built here on Freydom Sites.

Lori Flynn is a Local Massage Therapist, fellow BNI member, and friend. Her business simple and small, it wasn’t that long ago that she got started.

I’ve watched her grow, develop, and blossom into an incredible, caring person that is without a doubt exactly where she needs to be.

As her business grew, however, there was a growing need for her to have a website. This scared her to death.

For someone in Lori’s shoes, building a website is expensive, risky, and time consuming. Her money is already tied up in other, more tangible marketing efforts and paying the bills. Besides that, all her time was spent at appointments or making them. How could she possibly get going with a website?

Well, she and I started talking because I had something special to share, something that I’ve designed specifically for Lori and other people like her. This was the early days, Freydom Sites needed a real world test and Lori was perfect.

I designed Freydom Sites with the specific intent that it be as simple as possible, but she really showed me how much someone can really do with a Freydom Site.

You were to visit her site you would see something rather interesting in her menu:

It says “Schedule Appointment”. When you click on that you are taken to her Calendly Page. On this page, you can schedule an appointment with her!

There we go, just like that she simplified her appointment making process to “You can go to my site and click schedule appointment”.

Now, Calendly is a platform separate from Freydom Sites, but her doing what she did really opens up a world of what Freydom Sites can do for people like her.

There are a lot of other incredible platforms out there. By connecting her calendly page on Freydom Sites she created a landing page for her business, and now she can direct people around at will.

What if you want to sell stuff online? Set up an amazon account link to it! Want to build an SMS list? Set up a form on Quick Text and link to it!

The possibilities are truly endless, and Lori is truly a pioneer in this.

What can we learn from Lori?

She nailed down exactly how her website could help her free up her time: scheduling appointments. Once she got her site to do that she could free up more time to actually attend her appointments or spend time with her fiance.

You can find Lori’s site here, be sure to check it out!

Are you interested in a site from Freydom Sites? You can learn more here!

Thank you Lori for being so awesome, I’m looking forward to seeing you continue to grow!