New Site Design Launched!

  • Devon 

We’ve launched the new design and codebase for your sites! They now look much nicer and run even faster!

Take a look at what GT Metrix has to say about the site load:

A 97%!? This is awesome!

To top it all off too take a look at your site, it now looks really, really nice. Same basic configuration so your users shouldn’t be confused about its use. If you don’t have site yet here’s our demo site:

We’ve been working on this for MONTHS! And how it’s our greatest pleasure to show you your upgraded sites.

Something to note however: There will be a slight issue with mobile for a little bit. This is a caching issue that is beyond our control and should clear up on its own after a while. We are, however monitoring this closely.

If you have any issues, don’t be afraid to reach out.