Our mission is simple:

We seek to lower the barriers for building simple websites

What This Means for Small Businesses

  • Affordable, low risk websites
  • Easy to use, easy to manage

What This Means for Marketers And Developers

  • Access to new markets for residual income
  • Lowering client maintenance costs

But Why Do this?

To Alleviate A Many Year War

If you’re a small business owner you’ve likely been burned plenty of times by marketers and developers.

  • Are you being overcharged? You probably have no idea
  • No one likes being looked down upon by a techy know it all
  • Once it’s delivered, you’re asked to continue to invest to keep results favorable
If you’re a marketer or developer you’ve likely been burned plenty of times by small business owners.
  • Complaints about paying maintenance fees for “something that’s done”
  • Difficult to cooperate with in getting needed content and material
  • Blowouts leading to refunds, bad debt, other disasters from your client not understanding your business

How Do We Alleviate This War?

First, we identify the problem. The Chasm.


Not Being Online

This is where all businesses start. They have no idea how being online can be leveraged for them, they just know they need to start.

Getting Started Online

This is step 1, the business gets online in some way and begins to experiment with what works and what doesn’t.

The Problem: The Chasm

The very real risk to the business, and the developer/marketer, in getting the business online. When a business attempts to go online and fails, they’ve fallen into the chasm.

This lessens the business’s faith in being successful online and hurts the developer/marketer’s reputation.

In The Current Market...

The small business owner, if they attempt to cross the chasm without the guidance of experienced developers and marketers, will most likely fall into the chasm.

The developer/marketer, if not able to adapt to the unique needs of the business owner, will fall into the chasm along with them.

In A Market With Freydom Sites...

The small business owner can much more safely attempt to cross with far less risk, thanks to the reduced time and money costs.

The developer/marketer is able to set up a list of clients on Freydom Sites and just “get them started” while still collecting a little income. Once the small business owner is ready, they can invest into more robust services.

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