Some Good Thoughts On The Value Of Your Website

  • Devon 

Rick is an awesome individual that I’ve had the pleasure of being connected with. I reached out to him and asked if he’d like to share some of his ideas on Freydom Sites and he agreed. In today’s world of web development Rick would be considered a bit “Old Fashioned” but I deeply appreciate his attention to what web technology is built on in the first place.

Thank you Rick for a taking some time to educate and remind us all what our websites are built on!

Websites are more than just a digital business card. They’ve become the foundation of any new venture, whether a multi-million dollar organization, non-profit, small business start-up, as well as bloggers and vloggers alike. The site is more than just who you are and what you do, it’s the first impression of WHY you do what you do. So, where you decide to create your site (and with who) is just as important.

“Coding can be addictive,” as my daughter would say. When you find something you truly love to do, you’ll lose track of time; and for me, that’s designing websites. In the world of drag-and-drop websites, HTML (or Hypertext Markup Language) has become a lost language. Nowadays, anyone can make a website with just a few clicks. However, just because you can create a website doesn’t mean it’s optimized to receive traffic.

The goal should be to provide the user with a simple, easy to navigate, fresh design that focuses on the information they want, when, and where they need to find it. As a trusted advisor and web designer for more than 25 years, I believe ‘text’ will continue to be the foundation of search… Which means the way you code your site and the content you place on it will drive visibility. But what good is it being found if the content is not credible nor compelling?

To achieve in the digital game, I recommend taking time to learn HTML coding, or at least the basics. It’s a lost skill in a world of “instant” sites, such as WordPress, and provides more control over asset placement. HTML is also the most friendly towards search engines, and tends to perform faster than those run-of-the-mill website builders, such as Wix and Weebly. Additionally, HTML coding is an integral part of most site builders, and is free to use, simple to edit, and supported by all browsers.

Focus on one bite at a time. With an assortment of templates out there, most DIY’ers can purchase a template to streamline a bulk of the work. Don’t reinvent the wheel, optimize it! With the right partner, it’s possible to ensure you’re not only being found, but your website is funneling leads and converting sales.


From your favorite web design Boomer,
Rick Dery

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