Things Just Got A Bit Simpler

  • Devon 

Hi guys! A quick update based on feedback:

  • If you’re logged in, it will take you back to your dashboard if you try to visit the home page. This should make navigating the site while logged in much easier.
  • On the mobile menu of the sites, instead of it being the three “bars” we put in the word “Menu”. This should make sites much more accessible to visitors on mobile.
  • Gallery Update! Refined it a bit, and now the images are bigger, more centered, and all around look much nicer.
  • Plus countless other little tweaks and upgrades.

This was just a small quality of life update that should make site navigation, for both you and your visitors, a bit easier. We’ve got a post in the works on getting connected with people more easily during these times so keep posted.

Take care!

-The Freydom Sites Team