Tips For Updating Your Customers On How Coronavirus is Affecting Your Business

  • Devon 

During these times, communication with your customers is now more important than ever. Your website is a vital communication tool between you and your audience.

There’s two ways you can alert your customers to what’s going on with your business:

Create A Hero Image

Good Vibes Yoga Studio created an image on to report that they are closed from March 16 to April 3rd. She took the image and uploaded it to her site as a “Hero Image”, found here on your site editing form under level 3:

Update Your Header Information

Under level 1, you can change the summary of your business:

Any important alerts regarding your business you can put in there.

Also under level 4, you have the Header Title:

Whatever you put into this will be entered into the title above the description at the top of your page.

Using these two fields together can help you put up an easy to find notice about Coronavirus.

Using Either Method, Direct Them To Your Social Media

For updating, revolving information your social media page is much more suited for the task. Direct people from your site to social media and keep people up to date there.