Want To Look Better On Google?

  • Devon 

Now you can. In fact, it requires very little additional effort on your part!

We just took some time to upgrade how Freydom Sites appears to search engines by implementing something called “Schema”.

This may look like a bunch of gobbledygook, but at the end of the day we’ve just made your website easier for search engines to read.

You ever see a website on google and it has pictures, extra links, and other nice things floating about it and think “man, it’s sooo cool how everything is just right there!”.

Well, this is how that happens. When we make websites easier to read it makes it so Google can do cool stuff like that.

We’ll be keeping an eye on it, in the meantime there’s a new field in level 1 of the form, and that is “Price Range”. We highly recommend that you go in and specify that. This way, Google can make your listing a little more pretty.

That about does it for today’s update. Take care!