We Are Now Social Friendly

  • Devon 

When we first built Freydom Sites we made it so that users can have some social media integration without the need of passing along any data. This made sense on paper, but it seemed to cause more confusion than convenience.

Above your contact info on mobile and to the left on desktop were social icons that users could use to share your site. This was practical but not…straightforward.

You guys have been reporting that people have been clicking those links expecting to open your facebook pages, only to find that it would open their own pages to “share” the website.

Not convenient, and a little awkward.

Now though, the icons are hidden by default, but you have some new links to work with under connected website! You now can add social media links to your site:

Each field is optional, you don’t need them all, or you can fill them all! The site will adapt the icons in just as they were before. Except now it actually links to your social pages!

If you would like any social media sites added to the list let us know!

-The Freydom Sites Team