We Just Polished Your Site’s Design a Bit

  • Devon 

Hi guys! Got some fantastic news: The Freydom Sites sites just got a small facelift!

Now when you look at a Freydom Site, it has a more modern integrated menu/featured image:

We implemented this update to make your visitors viewing experience more pleasurable, as well as to make your menu a bit more obvious.

We’ve also made some huge updates to the form used to edit your sites:

Most everything is where it was originally in the form, but we just cleaned up the design a bit, and added the submit button so it’s always in the bottom left of the screen.

We noticed that the form is quite long, and the ability to save your site at any point in the form would be valuable.

That does it for today’s update! Looking forward to keeping you guys posted on new changes and improvements. Take care!

-The Freydom Sites Team